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        Welcome to EMGE

        Paper Industry Consultants

        Paper Market Intelligence

        At Your Fingertips


        Positively Newsprint

        ‘An updated compendium of valuable information’

        The EMGE Positively Newsprint Newsletter is a unique monthly newsletter designed to keep you updated with developments on the International marketplace, and the consequential effects on the availability and price of newsprint.

        Every month this newsletter will provide you with expert background analysis as well as vital market data and charts.

        Exhaustive Paper Market data (tonnes and percentage growth rates) include:

        • Demand
        • Mill Shipments
        • Mill Capacity
        • Mill Operating Ratios
        • Prices


        • Western Europe
        • North America
        • Big Asia (China/Japan/Korea)
        • Rest of World
        • World Total

        For more information, please contact us by email (post@emge.com) or telephone (+44 1872 581000).

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        Contact Us

        • EMGE & Co. Ltd.
        • PO Box 200
        • Truro
        • TR1 1FN
        • UK

        +44 (0)1872 581 000