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        Welcome to EMGE

        Paper Industry Consultants

        Paper Market Intelligence

        At Your Fingertips


        World Newsprint Markets

        ‘A valuable assessment of global market prospects’

        The EMGE World Newsprint Markets service covers Newsprint markets worldwide are published twice per annum (in April/May and October/November).

        The EMGE World Newsprint Markets service comprises:

        • Bi-annual EMGE World Newsprint Markets forecast reports (2 pa)
        • Ad-hoc updates for subscribers

        Data / analyses covered include:

        • Demand
        • Net Trade
        • Mill Output/Supply
        • Mill Capacity
        • Mill Operating Ratios
        • Leading Suppliers

        The reports are delivered in electronic (PDF) format?and by post (printed copy).

        For more information, please contact us by email (post@emge.com) or telephone (+44 1872 581000).

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        Contact Us

        • EMGE & Co. Ltd.
        • PO Box 200
        • Truro
        • TR1 1FN
        • UK

        +44 (0)1872 581 000