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Wifi Ez cast dongle is a same-screen-push device that supports DLNA, Miracast, Airplay

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Wifi Ez cast dongle is a same-screen-push device that supports DLNA, Miracast, Airplay

Ez cast Dongle is a device to connect mobile, televisions, projectors and other hardware. It is an extension of a TV hardware. It supports technically DLNA, Miracast, Airplay three agreements. DLNA can achieve video push and push play video to TV, projector,
while smartphones can quit playing. Miracast and Aireplay can push image and audio on the smartphone on to the TV, projector and sound in real time.

1. What is ez cast dongle used for?
Smartphone and flat computer is universal today. Many people must hope that they put pictures and videos of smart phone and flat computer (iPad, and Android flat, and Windows flat) to TV ; or put photos and video in the smart phone and flat computer to TV for family share,or cast video phone to TV for family share.In addition, some hope that computer, and flat
computerand phone can directly show PPT without VGA/HDMI line connected to projector.
Every participants can quickly switch images on the computer. Ez cast dongle is just the right hardware to realize the function of same-screen push.

2. What kind of TV, projectors support the same screen device, ez cast dongle?
All HDMI-enabled TVs, projectors can use this ezcast extension. If the TV or project or only VGA interface, can also turn HDMI VGA adapter connection, but is not guaranteed to work. clients say projector VGA interface does not work properly. My practical test show it is in use. We analyze and find it is maybe the projector does not support this 1080*720 resolution (after all some old projector is only for 800*600).

To your special attention, in recent years (especially after 2013) television is with network, but also with the function of the same screen.So the TV does not need extrally to connect such a device.

Use method

Introduces Android phone using the following methods, iOS, and Windows may refer to, are not very different.

1. Connect TV (projectors)
Get the same screen ezcast dongle and open the package, as shown in the following figure, there is ascreen, a USB cable (wireless card) and a manual (in English).

Connection method is simple:
Connect the mini USB port on the same screen ez cast dongle;
USB port connected to a power supply (can be replaced by mobile phone charger, what you need to be aware of is: If the signal is 5G, you must use the charger 1A above);
HDMI received on television;
Wireless network card, in a suitable place on the line, if there is no signal, you can adjust the location, WIFI separating the design is very good.
USB connection

2. Install software
What this same screen ez cast dongle different from other manufacturers' same screen is that you need to install ez cast APP, this APP has iOS, Android, Windows in three versions, iOS 7/8 6, Android 4.0, Windows (including phone system) can be used. Forfirewall reasons, you can't access Google play download, Android phones need to major domestic mobile market search for a download "ezcast" APP

3. Connect the same screen device
After you download and install the APP, turn on TV, switch to HDMI signal, and then
connect it with the screen. After the switch to HDMI TV, you will see the following screen, note the SSID and password displayed at the top.
4. Make the screen device connected to the Internet
The picture above can already control EZCast, such as projected on the TV mobile phone, but we want to further configure the same screen, so that it can connect to home WiFi. Click on the screen below the "set" button, enter the Setup screen, this time, the cell phone display screen is like a remote control. TV will display a new screen, as shown below:

Cell phone display key on the remote control, select the second icon on the TV (the orange box), click phone on the "OK" button,
enter the configuration screen of theInternet with the screen, as shown below:

EZ Cast Internet configuration

Wait a moment, you can search the home WIFI. If you do not see a home WiFi, that is likely to be 5G sign, you need to switch to 5G mode with the screen, figure in the orange box on "Switch to 5G band", then the same screen device ezcast dongle will search for Wifi again.The Wifi signal in the display list, select the home WiFi, TV will switch to the nextscreen, enter Wifi password on your phone and press "OK" to save:

Wait for screen to complete WiFi connection when the connection is successful, TV icon displayed in the top right corner there is no "x":
Connected to the router after the same screen, phone to WLAN (WiFi) switches to WiFifor Internet access at home, so that the mobile phone is under the same network withthe same screen and free open APP with screen.

5. Enjoy the convenience of the same screen
Use smartphones to open EZ Cast APP, search after the connection with the screen will switch to the on screen action pictures.

wifi ez cast dongle

6. Push videos to your smartphone with the screen (TV)
After completing above of operation, use smartphone, and flat computer to download video play software, like "Sohu video", and "excellent cool video", and "PPTV",, any selected a video play, in video play of when, will has "projection", and "DLNA" words of button, click these button on can will video push sent to TV. After it push success, smartphone (flat computer, and computer) can exit play software and video makes normal play.

7. Smartphone displays at a real-time synchronization to TV
Android mobile phone screen interaction, iPhone Airplay, Windows 8.1 per cent of thedisplay settings, you can phone the images, sounds, real-time push to the same screen(TV, projector), and this application is particularly useful for:
Office display PPT meeting, participants can achieve fast switching (switching from one computer to another computer) without connecting the projector.
Home phone photo and video playback on TV, family viewing
When video phone, push video content to the TV
Play mobile games, make synchronized push to the TV and have more funs.
For more fun features of ez cast dongle, you also need to find your own's.


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