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        Welcome to EMGE

        Paper Industry Consultants

        Paper Market Intelligence

        At Your Fingertips


        EMGE Paper Industry Consultants


        EMGE & Co are one of the leading consultants to the world Paper Industry, specialising in Industry focused market research, forecasts and analysis.

        We publish reports covering World Graphic Paper markets (Newsprint, Magazine & Graphical papers). These reports provide Paper Market Data and Forecasts on Prices, Consumption, Supply, Trade, Capacity, Operating Ratios, and much more.

        In 2017, we also expanded our product offering to include Packaging market intelligence.

        In addition to market reports, we also hold the EMGE Office & Digital Printing Papers Conference.

        For more information about our products and services, please visit the relevant sections of the website.


        Twitter Feed

        Contact Us

        • EMGE & Co. Ltd.
        • PO Box 200
        • Truro
        • TR1 1FN
        • UK

        +44 (0)1872 581 000


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