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Ezcast M2 V5ii WiFi Display iPush DLNA Airplay Support Linux Android iOS
Ezcast M2 V5ii WiFi Display iPush DLNA Airplay Support Linux Android iOS
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Ezcast M2 V5ii WiFi Display iPush DLNA Airplay Support Linux Android iOS

Ezcast M2 V5ii WiFi Display iPush DLNA Airplay Support Linux Android iOS


Hardware Feature
CPUActions AM8252 (600MHz/1GHz)
StorageFlash 128MB
UIStandard UI
Software Feature
OTAOTA: Over The Air, permanently free to upgrade the firmware
SupportWindows/MacOS/Android/iOS (sharing local and streaming content to tv screen)
One touch shareYes
Multi languageRecognize your IP address and match your local language automatically
DLNADisplay photo, audio and videos base on DLNA protocol Android
EZMirror(Miracast)Support miracast function(certified with wifi display)
EZ Air (Airplay)Support iOS airplay with EZ Air
AirmirrorSupport iOS Airmirror
soft APCell phone can connect to EasyCast M2 OTA-AP to another WIFI router
Wi-Fi ModuleYes(have be built-in wi-fi module)
Wi-Fi802.11b/g/n 150Mbps 2.4Ghz
VideoMPEG-2, H.264,MPEG-4,at 1080P
AudioMP3, WMA, OGG, WAVE,…
output interfaceHDMI 1.3 type A male
USB HOSTone USB HOST for charging
power5V/500MA USB cable USB type A to Micro USB
keyFn key to change the mode


1. Display screens of Smart phone, Tablet, Notebook, Desk-top PC on TV, Big screen or Projector in real-time

2. Connect through WiFi, Easy-to-use

3. Mirroring: Display APP, Video Call and Online  Game…etc in real-time

4. Wireless stream Picture, Video and Audio to TV, Big screen or projector


1. Stream all Video, Audio and Picture from Smart  Phone, Tablet, Notebook, Desk-top PC to TV, Big Screen or Projector

2. Support full HD 1080P video and Audio

3. You can still surf the internet when stream online Video and audio

4. People can take turns to share Video, Audio and Picture for entertainment


AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV. Or mirror exactly what’s on your display to the big screen. Vacation photos, blockbusters, the latest games — AirPlay and Apple TV put it all on your TV.

Ezcast dongle is an advanced WiFi display adapter that supports the most popular WiFi display protocols of AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, and DLNA! With this exciting AirPlay HDMI dongle you can display everything from your smart phones, tablet PC, etc. on big HDTV screen, thus you can easily enjoy movies, play games, surf internet,view photos on TV with the WiFi EZcast dongle while operate your smart devices

EZcast receiver can create a WiFi connection with iPhone or iPad for mirroring and/or pushing screen to HDTV. Essentially, this is a WiFi display mini PC with a micro-USB port for power and WiFi connection and an HDMI plug on the end for HD video and audio output to TV. With all of that, it turns any TV or monitor or a projector into a wireless display.

The latency of the Ezcast Dongle adapter is as low as 80-milliseconds, fast enough to playback videos itself.The EZcast dongle is easy to use - there’s no password or anything, and no client software is needed to install for AirPlay Miracast, or DLNA support.

The Ezcast WiFi display adapter comes with HDMI v1.3 interface for up to 1080P high definition media transfer, and 150Mbps 11n WiFi module enables seamless streaming of heavy data transmission between the EZcast Dongle receiver and your smart devices wirelessly.Meanwhile it supports DLNA protocol so that you can still benefit for it.If your device doesn't support AirPlay, or youjust want to push the media content to large display but not want to show the content of the screen content of our personal device - the smart phone or pads.

In addition, it supports EZcast and WiDi to mirror and/or push content from your Android smart phones or tablet PCs, or Windows PC , Windows phones and ultra books to HDTV!

2.How to use Wifi Display Dongle Adaptor ?
1, Insert EZCAST into the TV 's HDMI high-definition interface.
2, Wireless connection requires connecting the power adapter ( standard 1A) and then connect the power
3, the connector on the TV screen will be displayed , according to their used mobile phones to download the client.
Mobile download methods :
a) two-dimensional code to download via television (mobile micro-channel can be identified sweep the download )
b) Android Android peas / google play / 91 assistants search EZCast download synchronization client .
c).iphone/ipad users to download in the app store search EZCast synchronization client .
d).window/mac os download address .
e) Install the software to the customer request .
4: Open the wireless network capabilities (WIFI) to search
5 : The name of the phone connection on the corresponding television equipment , the password input on the TV screen .
6: pairing connection is completed .
7 : enter the mobile phone software installed EZCast
8 : Click on the corresponding icon on the phone , you can achieve the corresponding picture on the TV.
a) . Supports playback of online video , mobile video by clicking on the TV to switch to DLNA playback .
b)Press the phones main menu , the video does not disconnect , you can operate the phone the other functions , the video is still in play .
c)WIFI wireless network video needs support , currently supports PPTV, PPS, Youku , Tencent, Sohu ,,,, ,
Mirror with mirror ( same screen )
1 In the wireless and network settings menu Miracast functionality found in the "More Settings"
2 , enter more settings, find "Allshare cast" click into
3 . Enter "Allshare cast" , the phone will automatically search EZCast equipment , click on the link .
4 After clicking Finish , telephone or projector that is simultaneously displayed on the phone screen .
5 . Perfectly synchronized display output , that the phone displays what is displayed on the TV .

Miracast & DLNA wireless combo player ( Exclusive ) function can be synchronized only global Miracast coolest in online video player with the screen , the smallest video player.

WiFi Display iPush is the newest Wifi Display Dongle, you can use the wireless method and easy option EZ Cast software to transfer the photo , music and video in the smart phones, tablet PC, notebook computers or desktop computers to the TV, Monitor or projector easily and quickly, it can make you and your family , friends share the High Definition together.

We are WiFi Display iPush manufacturer and OEM/ODM of WiFi Display iPush are welcome.


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