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Ez cast Dongle makes Interaction between Smartphone and multi-media screen easy

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Ez cast Dongle makes Interaction between Smartphone and multi-media screen easy

There is no doubt that mobile Internet popularization era has arrived. The so-called "mobile Internet" by definition, that is, compared with the traditional Internet,more prominent "mobile"
and "Internet" the concept of integration. Smartphones,tablets as a representative of smart mobile devices are increasingly emerging,increasingly replace traditional Internet terminals.

Multi-screen interaction is one of the current trends in mobile Internet. And more intelligent mobile terminal products become the core consumer markets vary, as the industry for mobile Internet
eco system should the risen and perfected gradually, Smartphone, Tablet, now become ecosystem more important links.
We can also see innovations such as smart TV products, as well as wireless transmission screen interaction technology, also increasingly appeared in front of oureyes. Refer to wireless transmission screen interaction, Android system the Miracast agreement, DLNA protocols, as well as Apple's Airplay has long insisted on agreement,nature is worthy of leading the market.

Ez cast Dongle locate in interaction between Smartphone screen accessories.
Just for those who are not yet supporting wireless transmission protocol TV, projectors and other products, how to play multi screen interactive nature becomes difficult. So if you're smart mobile device players, if you are uncertain about whether to replace the smart TV new way, or you are looking for a mobile office, then look at ezcast dongle today, perhaps it will catch your attention.

Portable design and easy to carry
What Ez cast Dongle is, of course, is the first question we need to know. This product is designed to Miracast the agreement, Ez cast Dongle, DLNA protocols, fully supported by Airplay agreements, smart phones, tablets and the traditional televisions,monitors, projectors, and other products for wireless transmission screen interaction.Compared with the TV box products we take for granted, its positioning in mobile terminal fittings.

Ez cast Dongle overall appearance is quite small
So Ez cast Dongle maintained a small appearance characteristics, dimensions 88x26x10 mm, no different from USB kit. You can easily carry it design, also means that we can be at home in the living room, travel, mobile office, under any circumstances, show the charm of the wireless screen interaction.

Complete Ez cast Dongle interface
Since this product positioning in the many interactive wireless display receiver screen,and despite its appearance just like a USB memory stick, but what we see is not USB data interface, but now televisions, monitors and other products have been popular HDMI interface. Bottom of this product is placed parallel to the microUSB port,respectively for power supply and OTG data transmission.

Small Ez cast Dongle is also rich in accessories
In addition, Ez cast Dongle is also prepared to have a more comprehensive set of accessories. Natural essential charger, microUSB cable, the accessories also include HDMI extension cable, OTG cable, will meet our use of this product in any circumstances or conditions.
More than 3 per multi-screen interaction simple manipulation

Multi-screen interaction simple manipulation
Ez cast Dongle connections to the display screen is quite simple, just plug it into the TV, monitors and other products of the HDMI interface, connect powerto the interface. As I described previously, this product is fully support the Miracast Protocol, the DLNA Protocol, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, Apple's iOS devices only need to install the iMedia share or pushes software to wireless features. So you can understand that, Android system, Apple's iOS mobile devices can connect to it.

ez cast dongle

Ez cast Dongle connection is quite simple
Due to Ez cast Dongle sharing by wifi connection with Smartphones, Tablet PC Accessories implement DLNA protocols, it wireless push with Miracast Protocol to make wireless screen experience.We also need to install the Airfun application can achieve an additional Android system wireless connection with this product. Through the Airfun application can be easily synchronized with the smartphone.

It will help us move the intelligent terminals connected with Ez cast Dongle for search and, after we were greeted project rich set of interfaces, which we can select the menu language, connection Wi-Fi, etc. Airfun application interface is simple and easy to understand, so we need only simple operations can be video, music and picture sharing.

Ez cast Dongle can easily share videos, photos, music
4 Wireless screen
Dual mode light switch
About DLNA Protocol Wireless push, we can be implemented through online videoclient that support this Protocol. According to official information of science and technology, this product is compatible with Sohu, Tencent video video, PPS and youku,the current domestic market is mainstream online video client. Smart phones, tablet computers and Ez cast Dongle for wireless connections, on-line video client only needs to provide the DLNA sharing, you can enjoy the big screen more exciting visual enjoyment.

Small Ez cast Dongle Wi-screen features
Don't forget that Ez cast Dongle with ez cast agreement Wi-screen features. Is different in intelligent mobile terminal products that need attention, this feature is called "Wi-Fi Display" or "radio shows", in a nutshell our hands of intelligent mobile terminal with wireless display feature. Switch to the wireless screen mode, we only need the top two times in a row is placed in the side of the switch mode switch hole completion, Ez cast Dongle,as the SIM card PIN accessories will finally come in handy.
Following a smooth switch to the wireless screen mode, our smart mobile terminals tosearch for "WLAN Display" network.
Also connected to this network, wireless smart screen with the pleasures of sharing experience in front of us. For devices with wireless display feature is not currently supported, you need to install the MirrorOp application to implement wireless screen.

Across boundaries, across the communication divide for smart devices, apparently is the current development trend of mobile Internet, unlimited push, wireless screenexciting interactive experience of nature is animportant form of ecosystem. Times and rapid changes in technology today, Ez cast Dongle emerges as the rise of the newtwork boom, broke the screen limits fun Smartphone,
tablet screen sharing experience of innovation, which deserves our praise and encouragement.

Ez cast Dongle is not perfect, but make up for the market gap
Return to the product itself, compact design, easy handling experience, full wireless compatibility with screen function, characteristic of mainstream online video client, their broader applicability. So if you are interested in mobile Internet screen sharing experience, or wireless transmission, wireless and the screen has a very high demand,so Ez cast Dongleapparently might be the solution worth of selecting.

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