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Cross-media sharing via ezcast dongle balances your life and work

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Cross-media sharing via ezcast dongle balances your life and work

The progress of science and technology drives the development of mobile terminal products. More and more people like Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, smart home products, most of these two kinds of intelligent terminal devices. but sometimes to share with their families with these two device screen is a bit powerless.

Don't worry it. Today, we will introduce a product that can help you achieve multi screen interaction, namely ezcast dongle . It is the world's smallest smart devices, by means of Wi-Fi phone and PAD in multimedia content (HD video, screens, images, games, etc) to a television, projector and other implements one key share and one step casting screen on the terminal display device, switch and share between the various screens . It abandons the limit of small screen, and is free to make sharing wonderful moments with family anytime, anywhere possible.

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Share with family is easier

Share with family pictures, videos, games and so on, do not have to worry about the small screen has, can be achieved with the device converting equipment such as TV,projector, allowing your happy time to share with their families.

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Business is more excellent

Some users think that this feature of ezcast dongle is not very important, but in business, may be able tohelp you solve many problems. Material in devices such as mobile phones, flat as ever, first you need to copy in the computer before you can share and leading colleagues. Now with ezcast dongle, you can make directly from the phone connection projection realization and every one sharing to facilitate your business presentations.

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