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EZcast Dongle is a wireless revolution of media sharing and streaming on big screens.

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EZcast Dongle is a wireless revolution of media sharing and streaming on big screens.

Digital cameras, smart phones, ipad, tablet personal computers, television are now widely used in our daily life.
Nowadays, more and more people travel often and take photos and video of wonderful sight via smart phones or digital camera.And they share those photos and videos with their family or friends. Some people make presentation in meeting and share the meeting content via projector and the other people enjoy sharing movies, music, play games, surf internet, view photos. All those activities are with some disadvantages. Screen is too small to be clear enough or too heavy to carry projector or not convenient to share media across devices by remote control. Ezcast Dongle wirelessly integrate, ipad/table pc, mobile and television by new technologies Ezcast and makes media sharing and streaming across devices come true.
Wifi Ezcast Dongle
EZcast Dongleis not only limited to entertainment, but also great for playing mobile games on the big screen in your living room, as well as sharing presentations and files on the big screen in the conference room. EZcast Dongle can create a WiFi connection with iPhone or iPad for mirroring and/or pushing screen to HDTV. And it use the wireless method and easy option EZ Cast software to transfer the photo , music and video in the smart phones, tablet PC, notebook computers or desktop computers to the TV, Monitor or projector easily and quickly, it can make you and your family , friends share the High Definition together.

This wifi Ezcast Dongle share your picture/video/music from Apple devices, Android smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook, etc. to bigger screen like LCD/TV/Projector with HDMI interface. It supports Miracast, DLNA, AirPlay Protocol and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Enjoying your video, playing games and sharing photos on the big screen is never so easy!

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