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What is the difference between EZCast and the Chromecast?

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What is the difference between EZCast and the Chromecast?

EZCast or Chromecast?  Which one is a better wireless display?

EZcast is a wireless display dongle that uses Miracast technology. Chromecast is a wireless

display dongle developed by Google.

First, Chromecast is NOT using Miracast. It actually has nothing to do with Miracast.
Chromecast can work in two modes: web apps mode and Chrome tab casting mode.

EZCast does not use Google’s Cast protocol though instead relying on Miracast and EZCast technology to stream content.  This makes it more versatile compared to Google’s device. Consumers will be able to choose any photo, video, music, and any other content from their mobile device and view it on the TV. Since the device supports Miracast it allows the TV to act as an external display for a mobile deivce.

What are the advantages of EZcast over Chromecast?


1.More features supported

2.More video and audio format supported

3.Support Direct Connection, DLNA, Airplay


1. Limited Web support. eg Flash, not full screen

Wifi EZcast Dongle and Wifi Chromecast Dongle are the most common wifi dongle and they are of similarities and differences shown as below.

What is the difference between EZCast and the Chromecast

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