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        Welcome to EMGE

        Paper Industry Consultants

        Paper Market Intelligence

        At Your Fingertips


        Presentations 2018

        Session I – Market & Economics

        Pulp Costs & Other Issues for Papermakers
        Berry Wiersum, Sappi Europe

        Chinese Economics & Opportunities
        Wilco Hendriks, Rabobank

        China Recycled Fiber Import Ban & Market Impact
        Wanyan Shaohua, Royal Golden Eagle

        Session I – Supply & Procurement

        Paper Supply Chain Dynamics & Opportunities
        Angus Clarke, Communisis

        HP Sustainable Paper Sourcing Program
        Manuel Sosa-Skrainka, HP Inc.

        Responsible Procurement
        Marcel Jacobs, CIRCL8

        Session II – Digital Printing Technologies

        The Digital Printing Opportunity with Inkjet
        Eef de Ridder, Ricoh Europe

        A Journey Into Digital Print
        Tom Wright, The Wright Way

        Session II – Paper & Print

        Looking Good On Paper
        Gary Thompson, EMGE & Co.

        Print is Alive!
        Jeroen van Druenen, Jubels

        Value Communications
        Andreas Weber, Value Communication

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        Contact Us

        • EMGE & Co. Ltd.
        • PO Box 200
        • Truro
        • TR1 1FN
        • UK

        +44 (0)1872 581 000