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        Welcome to EMGE

        Paper Industry Consultants

        Paper Market Intelligence

        At Your Fingertips


        Company Overview

        Market research at your fingertips

        – Basis of over 25 years’ ?analysis on Graphic Papers (Newsprint & Printing/Writing Papers)

        – Dedicated team representing combined professional experience of over 100 years

        – Vertically integrated view from Pulp & Paper production operations through to End Use

        – Comprehensive and global coverage of all Graphic Paper sectors

        – Command of multiple information sources

        – Strong analytical and numerical foundation

        – Proprietary forecasting methodology

        – Independent and focussed

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        Contact Us

        • EMGE & Co. Ltd.
        • PO Box 200
        • Truro
        • TR1 1FN
        • UK

        +44 (0)1872 581 000